Information About Geese

The Orlando geese have increased in population in the suburban area. They are now considered pest due to their destructive ability. Also, these special waterfowls are known for their ability to migrate from one part of the world to another. They normally travel long distance during the migration period and can move up to 150 km northwards when the weather condition is not suitable for them in the Westland. The Florida birds normally make northward migration after the breeding season.

The Appearance
The Orlando goose is long-necked water bird with webbed feet, black head and neck, cream to light tan breast, white chinstrap and brown colored back. There are up to 11 different Florida goose species and few of them are distinctive. These water birds usually get smaller northward and darker Westland.

Biology and Life Cycle
The Orlando geese normally live long as some even live up to 20 years in the wild. Most of these waterfowl normally start breeding from that age of 2 to 3 years and their nesting is every year for their entire lifespan. Geese normally lay about 5-6 eggs in each nest and only half of the eggs will hatch to become free flying birds during the fall. In the lifetime of goose, female may produce up to 50 young. The life cycle of Florida goose normally start late when they pair return to their nesting area by February or even march they usually start their egg laying within 1 to 2 weeks when water open up and the incubation period last for 4 weeks and the hatching of the eggs is usually in April or early May. After hatching the eggs, the family of goose normally moves far away from the nesting area to the rearing area. After each nesting season, geese normally enter molt season where they normally shed their feathers and remain flightless for 4 to 5 weeks.

Orlando geese normally live in different kinds of habitats which include near water, grain fields and grassy fields. They are usually drawn close to lawn due to some reasons and that include their ability to digest grass and they usually have obstructed view of their environment when they are feeding in lawn manicured lawn. For that reason, you can easily sight Florida geese in abundant when you check at airports, parks, golf courses and numerous other areas where there are expensive lawn.

Diet and Behavior
Diet of Florida geese is dependent on the season of the year. During the summer and spring they usually feed on sedges and grasses, skunk garbage leaves as well as eelgrass, agricultural grains as well as blueberries. Equally eat kernel gotten from dry corn cobs and others. They normally extend their necks to dabble under water and they are always aggressive while incubating and caring for their eggs. Orlando geese usually mate for their entire lifetime and little divorce rate as the pairs usually remain together for the entire year.

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