Orlando Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Information: If you've got animals living in your house or attic, that's often where they'll die, and when they do, they create a stench!

Dead Animals are one of the problems that I commonly deal with in the Orlando area. I am an expert at finding and removing dead animal carcasses from homes. Here are some of the common problems people have with dead animals:
  • Dead Animal under the house
  • Dead Animal in the attic or walls
  • Flies and horrible odor problems in house
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 Expert Dead Animal Control Servicing Central Florida

I deal with dead animals on an almost daily basis, and have been working on dead animal extractions for 7 years. If the dead animal is outside or visible, then it's no problem. I handle many cases like this. But if the animal is inside the house, under the house, or in the walls, then it's a whole different matter. You have a very bad smell in the house, and the only way to odor control is to extract the carcass of the dead critter. The best way to achieve effective dead animal control is to understand the animal and its behavior, to know how and where it died, and establish the appropriate course of action given the matter at hand. Dead Animals are common in urban areas, Orlando included of course, and I excel at solving dead animal problems quickly, professionally, and effectively. I get rid of the odor for good, and even find out how the animals got inside in the first place, and seal the entry points shut!

How to remove a dead animal in the attic? What is that smell? You have just smelled something so awful that it made you gag! It disappears however, so you put it down to something from the outside of your house and go about your normal day. That is, until, a few days later you smell the same thing only it seems to be getting worse! Ladies and gentleman – if this smell gets worse and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, there is a good chance that you have a dead animal such as a rat or even opossum in your attic. The next step is either to call a wildlife professional to come and sort the problem out, or get sniffing! Some investigative work is going to be needed in order to locate the stinky creature, and this is why you should probably call an expert – they are going to be quicker and much more prepared for what they will find. You will need to have a good root around – you will find that the pesky opossum wont’ have died anywhere that you can actually get to it – more likely in the insulation or under boards in your attic. This means that when you have found it, you are going to need to remove the soaked insulation from the juices of the dead critter, as well as any boards that may have been ruined by the carcass as well. For this part, you are going to need some thick rubber gloves, a mask to stop the smell, (or a scarf wrapped around your face/peg on nose, etc.) and a garbage bag or similar bag that is sturdy enough to put the animal and any rotten materials in, as well as being able to tie it up to keep the stench well and truly inside! From this point, you will need to find out what the rules are with regards to animal disposal in your area, but you will find that burning the creature is probably the easiest and fastest way to get rid of it, and by doing this, you remove the risks of attracting other rodents and creatures, should you, (for example) bury the carcass instead.

 Example Dead Animal Problems in the Orlando area

I have a dead animal under my house, and I need an Orlando odor control expert. The problems begin with, I'm not certain what type of animal it is. We have had a raccoon around (who is missing lately) along with several random neighborhood cats. The crawl space is very tight & I cannot see anything. The smell began 2 & ! 1/2 days ago. Only, the odor is in my daughters room only. We've completely torn it apart & found the smell near the floor vent. Problem there is the floor vent is directly beneath the window & the smell increases when the window is open. But at the same time the smell doesn't go away or lessen when I blocked the vent & closed the window. I've checked outside by the window and the smell is outside too, but not necessarily stronger...there's a vent to the crawl space in the exact spot also, beneath the window. I'm curious if you could provide me with any helpful information in locating this animal on my own perhaps? I'm a mother of 3 children & cannot afford to pay someone to do it at all! If the crawlspace cannot provide access to the area any ideas to help that? It's not in the ductwork, and it's not coming through the vent. It's just lying dead below the house. Put on some dirty clothes, get a trowel and garbage bag, and find it and shovel it into the bag and throw dirt on top of the stinky area. Thank you for your response, but you were wrong! It wasn't under the house! It was in the duct itself right in the room. I ended up digging it out, lucky fro me I was the only one with arms small enough to reach, the girl had to do it while the men watched. It was a huge rat! I want to ensure no further issues, so I may need to have my home sealed up. Thank you, again!
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