Types of Services

 Wildlife Trapping

If you've got a problem such as a raccoon pooping in your pool, an opossum living under your porch, or an armadillo digging a big burrow next to your house, I excel at humane and effective trapping, removal, and relocation of wildlife. I always retrieve the animal super-fast, yes of course on Sundays as well, and I relocate all wildlife about 25 miles outside of Orlando.

 Animals In Attics

My specialty is the removal of wild animals from attics of homes. From raccoons, to squirrels, to rats, I excel at thoroughly inspecting the home to find out how they got in, thoroughly inspecting the attic to find out what species, how many, and what type of damage they might have caused, I excel at completely removing all wildlife, completely sealing all possible entry points so that no animals ever get in again, repairing any damage they've caused, and cleaning up their waste and odor afterward.

 Damage Repairs and Prevention

The most important part of the job is finding and sealing shut entry points so that animals can't get back in your home or attic again. My repairs are professional grade, and cost far less than what a general contractor charges!

 Attic Cleanup

I clean, decontaminate, and deodorize attics after the animals have been removed, to make it sanitary again, eliminate the risk of disease transmission to people, and destroy the odor that the animals have left behind, which can attract new wildlife to try to enter your house.

 Rodent and Rat Control

Rat control is one of my great specialties. Complete and permanent rat control is what I do, and it's totally different than the crappy service that most companies and the big pest control companies provide. They are lazy, they use poison, which never solves the problem, and they do bad work. I sniff out every nook and cranny that rats can use to enter your house, and I SEAL THEM OUT FOR GOOD. I trap and remove all rats, and do the best work in the state of Florida.

 Bat Control

Bat colony removal is a special job, and I have a 100% success rate with bat exclusions. I comply with all Florida laws, and completely remove the entire colony of bats, completely seal and "bat-proof" your house, and clean up the guano droppings afterward.

 Dead Animal Removal

I'm considered the second best person in the world at removing dead animal carcasses from homes (some rogue kid in Seattle is considered the best). It's not AT ALL an easy challenge, because animals such as rats can die anywhere in the architecture, under the insulation in the attic, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc. I sniff the animals out and remove them.

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If you have any questions or comments, e-mail info@cassanwildlife.com or better yet, please call 407-956-1268 and I will answer.