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Snake Information: Orlando is home to over 30 species of snakes, but only 4 species are venomous - the Eastern Diamondback, the Pigmy Rattler, the Water Moccasin, and the Coral Snake

Snakes are one of the nuisance wildlife critters that I commonly deal with in the Orlando area. I humanely trap and remove snakes or exclude them from homes. Here are some of the common problems people encounter with snakes:
  • Snakes found inside home
  • Persistent snakes on the property
  • Snakes causing safety concerns
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 Expert Snake Control Servicing Central Florida

I deal with snakes on an almost daily basis, and have been working with this nuisance animal for 7 years. I do not perform snake extermination. Rather, I am a humane snake trapper company, and I prefer to use live trapping and relocation, or exclusion. I catch snakes by hand, and I also perform snake prevention services for yards and properties. The best way to achieve effective snake control is to understand the animal and its behavior, and establish the appropriate course of action given the property and matter at hand. Snakes are not bad animals, but they are common in urban areas, Orlando included of course, and I excel at solving snake problems quickly, professionally, and effectively. I aim for permanent results, to keep those snakes away for good!

Snakes in Florida - Florida has a variety of habitats and thus has a variety of snakes. Florida is currently experiencing a huge issue with pythons in the Everglades national park. These snakes are not native to Florida, and are the result of years of escaped and released pets. In the year 2000, park officials confirmed that a group of pythons was breeding within the park boundaries. Recent surveys have shown an alarming decrease in mammalian activity since the python boom. Raccoons and rabbits have been severely depleted, and larger animals like deer are dwindling in number. The pythons have no natural predators within the park, and Florida animals are not used to encountering such a sizeable predator. The snakes can grow to be large enough to take on an alligator, the current animal at the top of the Everglades food chain. Scientists fear that the pythons will move on to endangered species, like the Florida panther. The drop in raccoons means less predation on turtles, snakes, and alligator young. Without predation, these reptiles will flourish. It is expected that the mammalian population will remain depressed, and that the pythons have caused irreparable damage.

 Example Snake Problems in the Orlando area

To Whom It May Concern: I live in Apopka, FL and have just purchased a repo bank owned home. The house was vacant for over a year before we purchased it. We have been knocking down high weeds all over the property trying to clean things up. Last week we saw a large Snake between the houses. After doing more weeding this weekend we then saw a Gopher Snake trying get in the front door that night. It was removed. We then found an even larger gopher snake next to the house the next day under the trash bag. Does that mean there are rattle snakes too? To be honest all the snakes scare me! There is also a large canyon (field) in front of our house which I am sure doesn’t help. I see wildlife everywhere and for the most part…it is pretty cool. Lots of rabbits, squirrels and gopher holes all over the place. The property is nearly two acres. What suggestions do you have…..I really need your assistance. I have three children and am concerned one of them will be bitten. Mr. Steve

There is a pic of a garter snake from your site. My mother and I are having an argument about this snake. We removed one exactly like this one from her neighbor’s yard a few months ago. I told her it was a garter snake and she agreed. This morning she called me to tell me that it is not a garter snake but some kind of poisonous snake because she went and removed another and it had fangs and tried to bite her. They actually killed it because they thought it was venomous. She is adamant that it looked the same and the fangs were actual fangs. She believes that only poisonous snakes have fangs and I said I did not think this is true. Can you help end this dispute, especially so she does not go around and kill the things? I think they are gross and smell like something died when you pick them up but I want to settle this so I am not wrong and get bit by a poisonous snake and that so she is not really killing an innocent . Thanks for your assistance, Stephanie
All snakes have some small teeth, to grip prey, but Garter Snakes such as the one pictured do not have fangs. Venomous snakes are very rare - ignorant snake killing is very common. That's just the way it is. Learn more about Orlando reptiles, including About the Green Anole.
If you have any snake questions or comments, e-mail info@cassanwildlife.com or better yet, please call 407-956-1268 and I will answer.