Orlando Bat Trapper

Bat Information: The most common colonizing bat species to live in attics in Florida are the Mexican Free-Tail bat and the Evening Bat.

Bats are one of the nuisance wildlife critters that I commonly deal with in the Orlando area. I humanely trap and remove bats or exclude them from homes. Here are some of the common problems people encounter with bats:
  • Bats living in the attic of a home
  • Bats causing odor problems inside house
  • Bats causing health or safety concerns
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 Expert Bat Control Servicing Central Florida

I deal with bats on an almost daily basis, and have been working with this nuisance animal for 7 years. I do not perform bat extermination. Rather, I am a humane bat control company, and I prefer to use live exclusion exclusively. The best way to achieve effective bat control is to understand the animal and its behavior, and establish the appropriate course of action given the property and matter at hand.  The most important thing in bat control is to find and seal shut all the entry points.  Bats can enter a gap as small as 3/8 of an inch! Bats are not bad animals, but they are common in urban areas, Orlando included of course, and bats love to live in buildings. I excel at solving bat problems quickly, professionally, and effectively. I aim for permanent results, to keep those bats away for good!

 Example Bat Problems in the Orlando area

I live out between Sanford and Lake Mary in a very rural area. We thought we had field mice in our walls (we’ve had them before) and have found out it is really bats. We got one of those ultra sound devises and stuck it in the wall. They came flying out at dusk, as usual. Of course they came back the next night. Any suggestion on how to get rid of them? I wouldn’t mind if they roosted in our barn, I know that bats are good at keeping down mosquitoes.

Hi... I seem to be encountering more bats since my move back to Florida than in my whole entire life before - even as a wildlife rehabber back in the day. Probably because I have moved to a rural area of Florida and build a house that just (I now know) begs for bat habitation... Anyway, I am gaining tons of great info on bat exclusion from your site. It seems to be baby bat season (maybe a little late because our weather has been oddly cool?) and so the bats (I wish I knew the species) seem to be nesting in the roof ridge of our metal roof. One end has not been closed up yet and apparently we do not have the space between our interior ceiling (also corrugated metal) and the roof decking as bat-tight as we had hoped. I don't want to do a bat exclusion before the pups have all matured and flown the coop as it were, but I also have 3 indoor cats and a 25 foot greatroom ceiling... Bats in the house pose some serious issues. Looking for techniques to actually remove bats that occasionally make their way into the house. I do know not to handle them. Also thought I'd share this photo of a very juvenile bat that we found on the floor last year. He was alive in the photo and I drove him to a wildlife rehab, but apparently he died, as I got a call 2 days later telling me he was negative for Rabies (I did not touch him BTW). I guess some species' pups cling to them during flight and this gue probably fell off. Thanks for the website - great info! I dig bats!
If you have any bat questions or comments, e-mail info@cassanwildlife.com or better yet, please call 407-956-1268 and I will answer.