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Rat Information: The species of rat most common in central Florida is the Roof Rat. They can climb almost any surface, and breed extremely quickly.

Rats are one of the nuisance wildlife critters that I commonly deal with in the Orlando area. I humanely trap and remove rats or exclude them from homes. Here are some of the common problems people encounter with rats:
  • Rats living in the attic of a home
  • Rats causing property damage inside
  • Rats causing health or safety concerns
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 Expert Rat Control Servicing Central Florida

I deal with rats on an almost daily basis, and have been working with this nuisance animal for 7 years. I perform rat extermination, but of all the available rat trapper companies, I am the most humane, and I never use poison, and I focus exclusion. The best way to achieve effective rat control is to understand the animal and its behavior, and establish the appropriate course of action given the property and matter at hand. Rats are not bad animals, but they are common in urban areas, Orlando included of course, and I excel at solving rat problems quickly, professionally, and effectively. I aim for permanent results, to keep those rats away for good!

How to remove rats and mice from walls -To remove rats and mice from walls, you need to find out how the animals got inside of your home. This may seem like it should be the final step in the process, but finding the rodent holes is the first and most important part of animal control. Before you can hope to get rid of all the rats and mice, you need to make sure no new ones are going to enter the building. Rats and mice give off attractant odors called pheromones. These chemicals will draw other rodents to the home. This is why it is vital that you seal off the building. When you are ready to trap the rats and mice in the walls, look for an open area where there are signs that the animals have been active. Trapping a rat in the attic is much easier than trying to install a one way door on the outside of your home. If an open area inside the home can be found for trapping, make sure any devices are set where rodent marks are found. Mice and rats use their waste to mark areas where they like to travel. Setting up traps in these locations will increase your chances of rodent capture.

 Example Rat Problems in the Orlando area

I live in Winter Park. My house is attached on both sides in a row of houses. My neighbor and I both have rats in the crawlspace between the ceiling and roof for the last 4 years. We have already blocked off our vent space with wire screen but somewhere somehow the rats are still getting in. After spending hundreds of dollars on a professional exterminator to cage, we only caught two in six months but know there are many more in the space because we still hear them scratching. I spoke with a contractor to open up access to that crawlspace to patch up any holes but he says the space which is less than 2 feet in height is too short a space for any worker to be in there patching holes especially with support beams obstructing the view and work. How do I get rid of the entire neighborhood's rat by setting trap only on my own roof? The row of houses is next to a condo building where the trash there is always laid out. I cannot possibly get the entire neighborhood to agree to trash removal just so I can get rid of my own roof's rat problem. What should I do? I am so out of ideas! Thanks, Karen

Hi Ben!! I came across your website and I learned SO much... Unfortunately our attic as of last night is displaying tell tale signs of rat infestation... It woke my wife up and sounded like walking back and forth, scratching and scampering which is extra frightening because the walls in our bedroom border both sides of the attic.. Now we want to humanely deal with the situation and i don't want a female rat to leave baby rats behind, our local animal control company said to try to get them to leave before they come tomorrow and try to live trap them... he gave us a few suggestions .. I put a loud am radio up in the attic, we put two buckets filled with ammonia on each side of the bedroom through the attic opening, (I can't even stand to be up there) and create a lot of noise to see if she'll scamper away.... are there any other suggestions you can offer to try to tell rat (which my wife spotted a few days ago outside by our front tree) to go away?? thanks!!!! Marty
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