Orlando Bird Trapper

Bird Information: Pigeons are the most common nuisance bird, and they often roost on or in buildings, and create a mess and health hazard with their droppings.

Birds are one of the nuisance wildlife critters that I commonly deal with in the Orlando area. I humanely trap and remove pigeons or exclude them from homes. Here are some of the common problems people encounter with pigeons:
  • Birds living in the attic of a home
  • Birds causing poop damage outside
  • Birds causing health or safety concerns
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 Expert Bird Control Servicing Central Florida

I deal with pigeons on an almost daily basis, and have been working with this nuisance animal for 7 years. I do not perform pigeon extermination. Rather, I am a humane pigeon trapper company, and I prefer to use live trapping, or better yet, exclusion. The best way to achieve effective pigeon control is to understand the animal and its behavior, and establish the appropriate course of action given the property and matter at hand. This most commonly means installing bird spikes on the roosting areas to keep them from roosting there. Birds are not bad animals, but they are common in urban areas, Orlando included of course, and I excel at solving pigeon problems quickly, professionally, and effectively. I aim for permanent results, to keep those pigeons away for good!

 Example Bird Problems in the Orlando area

My concern is the pigeons that my neighbor has roosting on his house. We came in last night and the pigeons were all the way up on my front porch, and leaving droppings all over the place. They are not his pets, just wild pigeons that roost on his roof and porch areas. He does nothing to keep them away. I thought there was a law in the county about cleanliness . I want to know why this guy thinks he above the law just because he a cop. This same pigeon tried to poop on us a coupe night ago. We work night shift the mail does not rum before we go to work. So we go when we come in. We can’t because of the pigeons. Some of the other neighbors called on this same pigeon problem awhile back want to hear what happen His buddies in the police department called a head to warm him that animal control was on there way. So he had the one of this buddy to come to shoo the pigeons off until animal control had left .The reason I know this we were on the porch and heard then talking. Sure thing when they left the pigeons return. Some thing better be done with this pigeon problem. I have the grand kids if this pigeon poop on then and you want do nothing about this .I will call the TV station and tell then we called and called and nothing has been done. We will tell then just because he a cop that he thinks the laws do not pertain to him. Thank you, Kathy
If you have any pigeon questions or comments, e-mail info@cassanwildlife.com or better yet, please call 407-956-1268 and I will answer.