Frequently Asked Questions

 Does the city or county do this for free?

Unfortunately no, not any more than they'll paint your house for free. Wildlife control requires a high level of service - from home and attic inspections, wildlife removal, damage repairs, fixing animal entry points, wildlife waste cleanup... Orange and Seminole counties, back in the 70's and 80's would loan you a trap - that's it - and that solves nothing, and most of the time, when the homeowner got the trap, they didn't know how to catch the animal. But now the county no longer even loans out traps, and it's illegal for unlicensed people to trap on their own - but even if it was, wildlife control is no easier than plumbing, electrical work, etc.

 Do you handle dog or cat problems?

No, only wildlife problems. For dog or cat problems, please call the county animal services at these numbers:

Orange County Animal Services: 407-254-9140
Seminole County Animal Services: 407-665-5201

 I'm calling to report a baby bird or an animal hit by a car...

I run a privately owned wildlife removal business, and I charge for all of my services. If you think you have a matter that the county can help with, call the above numbers. For a bird or wildlife rehabber, call Back To Nature Wildlife Preserve: 407-568-5138

 What do you do with the animals that you catch?

I am very gentle, and I care about all wild animals, and I never want to hurt them. I live-trap animals and relocate them to wilderness preserve areas far outside of the city. If possible, I even just exclude animals with one-way doors to prevent the stress of trapping. I bring orphaned baby wildlife to a local wildlife rehabber.

 Can my regular big pest control company handle wildlife problems?

The companies like Terminix, Orkin, Middleton, etc. are trained in insect control. They handle termites, cockroaches, ants, etc. They are trained only to spray poison and service as many homes as often as possible. Wildlife control is a completely different field. Different tools, different training, different everything. In wildlife control, I come out and solve a single problem with wild animals (including rats and mice) permanently, and I never use poison.

 Are you properly licensed and insured?

Yes. I carry the proper licenses, and my insurance is just as good as the big-name companies.

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If you have any questions or comments, e-mail or better yet, please call 407-956-1268 and I will answer.