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Opossum Information: Possums are marsupials, and they carry their young in a pouch. They are opportunistic animals, and notorious scavengers. They are sometimes known to play dead.

Opossums are one of the nuisance wildlife critters that I commonly deal with in the Orlando area. I humanely trap and remove opossums or exclude them from homes. Here are some of the common problems people encounter with opossums:
  • Opossums living in the attic of a home
  • Opossums causing property damage outside
  • Opossums causing health or safety concerns
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 Expert Opossum Control Servicing Central Florida

I deal with opossums on an almost daily basis, and have been working with this nuisance animal for 7 years. I do not perform opossum extermination. Rather, I am a humane opossum trapper company, and I prefer to use live trapping and relocation, or exclusion. The best way to achieve effective opossum control is to understand the animal and its behavior, and establish the appropriate course of action given the property and matter at hand. Opossums are not bad animals, but they are common in urban areas, Orlando included of course, and I excel at solving opossum problems quickly, professionally, and effectively. I aim for permanent results, to keep those opossums away for good!

Possum repellant ideas that make sense - So many people turn to ridiculous repellants and costly gadgets in order to prevent possums getting into their garden, and this is a stupid thing to do, not only because the majority of these things actually don’t work, but also because there are some very simple things that you could do yourself to repel this creature, as such. Think of it this way – the possum has been around for centuries, some believe even as far back as the years of the dinosaur. These creatures aren’t stupid – any repellant that you do use, the possum will probably get used to, if it even worked in the first place. Also, some of the sprays that you can get will be toxic or dangerous, which means that you are putting your own pets, and even your children at risk by using them. There are so many things that you can do to try and repel the possum away from your yard or garden, and one of the most sensible is to take away its food source! That bird feeder that you have – that could be attracting the possum. They love grains, nuts and seeds just as much as they love your leftovers in the garbage can or the pet food that you leave on the porch, so by eliminating these things, you are already doing your bit to repel this creature into foraging elsewhere for food! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure these things out, and by making tiny steps such as these around your property, you could be possum free in almost no time at all!

 Example Opossum Problems in the Orlando area

Hello, I just visited your website, and it is an excellent source of information. Thank you so much for making this available to the public! I know that website design and content management are demanding tasks, so I appreciate the time you've devoted to it. I'm hoping that you can provide me with some tips (or a referral) for outdoor opossum prevention. I live in a 2nd floor condo unit located in South Orlando. Opossums are a fact of life, and I normally don't mind living with them. However over the last couple of years, these "neighbors" of mine have taken to using my balcony as a public restroom. The defecation is bad enough, but the urine has become almost unbearable. I have a 20x6 balcony covered with Astroturf type material. Although the urine is not an odor problem, it is obviously very sticky and gets tracked into the house. I am trying to make my balcony less appealing to them. I've used every product available at Lowe's and Home Depot, including various liquid sprays and dry granules. I've also used cayenne pepper around the exterior boundaries. Nothing has worked to prevent them from visiting and making their deposits. I do not have plants or decorations that would attract them, so I'm guessing that the "marks" of their previous work make it a good place to repeat. Is there any solution you would recommend to drive them away? I'm losing my mind with this - and can't think of another thing to do. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration - I truly appreciate it! Best, Krzysztof

That's a tough case. You can't stop possums from being outside. Trapping, removal, and relocation of the animals is the only method to stop a problem such as this. Other than that, all I can think of is perhaps a motion-sensitive water sprayer. I think they sell those online, but they often don't work, and they're more expensive than trapping and removal.
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