How to Trap a Florida Coyote

Every animal on earth plays a role in the ecosystem. This includes coyotes, though they are quite a nuisance especially when there is interaction with humans. The conflict is precipitated further because the Orlando coyotes are canines and may attack pets and livestock. This then creates a need to hit back at the coyotes and though killing them is one way to go, trapping is also another method to consider.

There are several methods to trap a Florida coyote. Most of the methods might lead to you trapping another animal that wasn't planned for. While trapping a coyote, you need to consider what works for you and what reason drives the intent to trap a coyote rather than the good old fashioned infliction of ballistic trauma. Some of these may include:
- You trap it so that you can kill it later.
- You trap it so that you can domesticate it.

Live traps
A live cage trap is one way to go. This means that the cage has to be huge to fit a coyote. The bait too needs to be alluring to the coyote. The problem with this is that the coyote is likely to be weary of a large metal cage with conveniently placed food on the inside, but then again, the Orlando coyote might be just hungry enough to fall for the trap. Also, because they have a very strong sense of smell, you may need to ensure that the trap you are using is thoroughly cleaned to remove your smell on it. Once they sense suspicious smells, they keep off the trap.

Paw/foot hold trap
The first thing to consider is where to place the trap. It cannot just be randomly placed and hope for the best. The best place is to place the trap in the coyotes path. The paw hold traps are quite small and so are quite inconspicuous when placed on the ground and covered up with loosely placed grass. So in fences where the Florida coyotes gain entrance into your compound might be a good choice. Remember other animals like dogs do get caught in carelessly placed traps so its best to place your bait in areas where domestic animals wont come across the trap.

Removing the coyote
This is not as easy as removing a rodent like a possum from a trap. Coyotes can be vicious. You can expect them to be even more vicious when they believe you are attacking them or when they have been caught on a paw hold trap which is painful. You also need to know the guidelines in your state on how to handle the Orlando coyotes. Some states recommend that they are euthanized and others have specific areas where they can be released.

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